The organisations below are linked to our business in a variety of ways, as described next to each:

Greendale Farm Shop - Fresh seafood landed by Waterdance vessels and available to buy online or at the farm shop located East of Exeter.
Marine Stewardship Council - An international fisheries sustainability accreditation body that has certified Waterdance hake as sustainable.
Cornish Fish Producer Organisation – A fishermen’s co-operative organisation with several Waterdance vessels as members.
Seafish – A UK government organisation providing advice and other support to the fishing industry.
Marine Management Organisation – the lead marine government regulatory body in England.
Brixham Trawler Agents – the company that runs the Brixham fish market, where most fish landed by Waterdance vessels is sold.
NFFO – the leading fishermen’s trade body in England.
Fishing News – the fishing industry’s key news publication.
Cornwall Good Seafood Guide – A website promoting sustainable seafood from Cornwall. It suggests species to buy and method of coking them to make delicious and healthy meals.
South Devon and Channel Shellfishermen – Waterdance is a member of this association of fishing professionals working for sustainable shellfish stocks.
Macduff Shellfish – A large shellfish company.
Anglo-Northern Irish Fish Producers’ Organisation / SeaSource – A fishermen’s co-operative based in Northern Ireland also offering commercial marine services.
Coast Communications and Management for Sustainability – A platform for sharing information about marine industries and sustainability news.