Waterdance is a family-owned fishing company and is part of the Greendale Group. We have over 20 boats based in Devon and Cornwall including beam trawlers, netters, potters and scallopers with a new 35-metre beam trawler currently under construction. All of our boats use our own quota as much as possible but we do also trade quota domestically and internationally.

Our boats land regularly at Brixham, Newlyn, Salcombe and Exmouth. These ports provide direct access to the western channel where clean deep waters and strong currents create the perfect environment for world class seafood. Sustainable fishing methods ensure that these stocks remain intact.

Our catch regularly includes Sole, Plaice, Hake, Cuttlefish and Pollack as well as Whelks, Crabs and Lobsters. The majority of our fish is sold through local fish markets (such as Brixham and Newlyn), and our boats are also proud to directly supply the fishmonger at the Greendale Farm Shop.

We aim to make a significant contribution to the local economy in Devon and Cornwall: our boats have over 120 full-time ocean-going skippers and crew, as well as an on-shore team (which helps to land, process, distribute and sell the seafood) and several administrative staff. In order to provide some context to that, a recent study conducted by Seafish concluded that for every full-time fisherman, another 2.25 full-time equivalent jobs are created in the local area.

Our strategy is to invest locally, continually modernise our fleet, improve fish quality, and strive to get the best fish to our customers. We prioritise safety, compliance and sustainability. All of our boats are all flagged to the UK, where the maritime safety standards are some of the highest in the world.